2 Replies to “Erica F.: Close – Ups”

  1. Uhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!y ahora mi portuguesa sexi enseñando tu culito redondo y respingón con esos tatus de ojos jajajajaja morbosos.Al ver la galería completa he visto tus dos orificios de tu chumino y tu culete que me ponen palo mogollón.
    Eu te amo un abrazo y besos calientes.Muackxxx cuidate.

  2. Hi.it s a great pleasure for me to see Erica´s bauty and hotness being recognized.
    I am pleas to say that when she gave her first interview on Portugues tv,i supported her on my blo ( http://vampirismos.blogs.sapo.pt) with a text and pics in favour of free min and free willing.
    And to my surprise Erica Fontes herself came to my blog comented my post about her and gladly answered some of my questions on my blog.
    Since then i also wrote 3 more posts about her and allthough my blog its about everything ,from politics to humour sports and of course sexy women,erica´s been a regular presence .
    Great to see her doing great and yes she is hot hot hot and very nice to.

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